Kuwait Travel Guide

Tourist Information and Travel Tips

Kuwait is a small, oil-rich constitutional emirate, with foreign workers constituting 90 percent of the labour force. Kuwaiti nationals constitute 1.1million of the 3.4million population in the country, and they get to enjoy the benefits of a generous social welfare system that guarantees employment, housing, education and healthcare.

Kuwait City has numerous attractions which include excellent museums, a corniche ornamented with combed beaches and extravagant restaurants, modern shopping complexes and marinas, long and lazy retreats, and new beach resorts.

Outside Kuwait City, however, there are only few attractions, except at resorts along the coast. Tourist development of the historical Failaka Island is still in developmental stage. There are flat desert plains that are given over for oil excavation, and there are few distinctive features.

West of Kuwait City is the Al-Jahra area, the place that unfortunately famed for the violence that took place there as Iraqi troops retreated during the Gulf War. Considering the numerous building projects there, it is possible to almost overlook the Iraqi invasions, and a decade has passed since the invasion. But, Kuwaitis are still coming out of their devastating experience, as there visible reminders of the war.

As for travellers, while in Kuwait, there are some definite rules that need to be followed to avoid any faux-pas, so that local populace is not offended. Further, the tips given herein can help you in taking care of all that you need to, before planning a trip to Kuwait.

Best time to visit Kuwait

Kuwait’s weather pattern is similar to that of Europe, although the weather here is hotter and drier. Summers (April to October) are hot and humid with very little rain. Winters (November to March) are cool with limited rain, while Spring (February to April) is cool and pleasant.

If you happen to visit Kuwait in summer, there are plenty of air-conditioned amenities to make your summer visit tolerable. The winter months are chilly in the evenings, but, with pleasant daytime temperatures. During Spring, the desert is laced in a transparent lime green, decorated with petunias, making it the ideal time to visit.


Kuwait has cheap and well spread transport system with local and intercity buses that operate round the clock. Taxis charge a flat rate between the city and airport. Local taxis without meters are available for getting around. To hire a car, one must have an International Driving Permit.