Azerbaijan Visa




Kuwaiti citizens can apply the eVisa online by clicking the link below:

Since February 2016 , The State of Kuwait citizens are

granted entry visa for $ 20 upon arrival in all international airports

of The Republic of Azerbaijan.



Foreigners and stateless persons’ registration upon place of stay in the Republic of Azerbaijan 

Foreigners or stateless persons temporarily staying in the Republic of Azerbaijan for more than 10 days should get registered upon place of stay (relevant notification in Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages is presented at border checkpoints to foreigners and stateless persons entering the country).
For this purpose, the management of the place of stay of the foreigner or stateless person (hotel, sanatorium, rest home, guest house, camping, tourist base, hospital or other similar places) or the owner of the apartment or other residential area where the foreigner or stateless person stay (hereinafter referred to as the receiving party) should submit application for registration upon place of stay and copy of the passport (other border crossing document) of that person to the relevant executive authority through official website of the relevant executive authority, e-mail or in person within 10 days after arrival of the person in the country.
 Foreigners and stateless persons can also apply themselves in a way envisaged by Article 21.2 of this Code for registration upon place of stay. 
After reception of the application, the relevant executive authority immediately registers the foreigner or stateless person upon place of stay by entering the information about them into the Unified Migration Information System and informs the applicant about it within 1 business day. 
Foreigners and stateless persons are registered for the following periods: 
Persons arriving upon visa – for the period of stay indicated on the visa;
Persons arriving under visa-free regime – for 90 days. 
Registration upon place of stay (during the protection period) of foreigners and stateless persons who are under the protection of UNHCR Representation in the Republic of Azerbaijan, is conducted by the relevant executive authority upon data provided by the Representation.
No state fee is required for registration upon place of stay of foreigners and stateless persons. 
When foreigners and stateless persons leave their places of stay, the receiving party or the person himself/herself informs the relevant executive authority about it and they are deregistered upon place of stay based on that information. When the registration period ends, foreigners and stateless persons are considered as deregistered.
When a foreigner or stateless person changes his/her place of stay, he/she should be registered upon new place of stay in a way set forth in Articles 21.2 - 21.5 of this Code.