About The Embassy



The Embassy Of The State Of Kuwait was opened in capital city
The Republic Of Azerbaijan Baku in December 2006.

The Embassy work covers a wide range of issues. It's mainly aims to protect the interest of The State 
Kuwait. It also seeks to deepen the bonds of friendship between
two countries and to realize the state strategic objectives ,
cooperation with The Republic Of Azerbaijan in
economic, trade and investment, energy, education, culture and scientific sectors
and development in addition to serving
all facilities for visiting The State Of Kuwait official delegations.

The Ambassadors who served in the Republic Of Azerbaijan since opening of the embassy in 2006.

      H.E. Ambassador Abdullah Mohamed Almowed (2022 - present)

      H.E. Ambassador Saud Abdulaziz AlRoomi (2013 - 2022)



      H.E. Ambassador Ghassan Yousef AlZawawi (2009-2013)



         H.E. Ambassador Fahad Saad AlMeea (2006 - 2009)