HE Mr. Ambassador Abdullah Mohamed Almowed met with the Head of the State Migration Service in the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Vusal Huseynov.
They discussed ways to develop cooperation in the field of migration and exchange experiences between the stakeholders in the two countries. Mr. Ulvi Aliyev, Head of the External Relations Department of the Service, also participated in the meeting.
After exchanging expressions of welcome and courtesy, Mr. Huseynov talked about the work of the department, explaining that it contains 9 regional branches in various regions of the country, 3 detention centers for illegal immigrants, a training center and a medical institution, indicating that it is a central executive body with the status of a "law enforcement agency" which implements the state's policy in the field of immigration, manages and regulates migration processes, and the powers stipulated in the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as the work of registering foreigners and stateless persons visiting the country, extending the period of temporary residence granted to foreigners, and ensuring the detention of foreigners or stateless persons in the Service's own illegal immigration detention centers in cases specified by the Immigration Act.
He stressed that the institution he heads enjoys cooperative relations with its counterparts in various countries and is always keen to work in coordination with the embassies of different countries in Baku, including the embassy of the State of Kuwait, to solve the problems of citizens of those countries visiting Azerbaijan due to the possibility of exceptional and surprising cases in this field.
He indicated that before the meeting, he reviewed general statistical information about Kuwaiti citizens who visited Azerbaijan in recent years and Kuwaiti citizens temporarily residing in Azerbaijan, and it is fortunate that no negative cases or other major problems (i.e. violations) were recorded from them.
He praised the level of cooperation relations that are increasing in various fields between the two countries, especially the field of tourism, which witnessed a great recovery after 2016 (with the start of providing facilities in granting visas to citizens of the State of Kuwait), but due to the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic since 2020, these visits have completely stopped. It is gratifying that the number of Kuwaiti tourists who visited the country after the epidemic receded has almost reached pre-pandemic rates, indicating that statistical data show Kuwaiti tourists' commitment to the country's laws to a large extent.
Mr. Ambassador expressed his gratitude to the head of the department for responding quickly to the requests of the embassy concerned with the field of immigration. He told Mr. Huseynov that he would do everything in his power to fulfill the tasks entrusted to him towards the development of relations in all urgent areas between two countries. He praised the mutual support between Azerbaijan and Kuwait within international organizations, which indicates the success of coordination and cooperation between the two countries in the international arena.
Mr. Ambassador touched on the work of the joint committee between the governments of the two countries, which includes a large number of official authorities specialized in the political, economic, commercial, investment, cultural and educational fields.
In the field of tourism, Mr. Almowed mentioned the importance of direct flights between the two countries since 2017, and that the safe and stable conditions in Azerbaijan, the good hospitality of the people, the common culture and traditions support it and weekly flights are operated by Kuwait Airways and Jazeera Airways from Kuwait to Azerbaijan, along with Azerbaijan Airlines, which operates flights seasonally.
At the end of the meeting, Mr. Ambassador thanked Mr. Vusal Huseynov for his warm reception and for providing comprehensive information about the work of the Service, and for its quick response to the embassy's inquiries when necessary.