HE Mr. Ambassador Abdullah Mohamed Almowed met with Mr. Yusif Abdullayev, Head of Export and Investment Promotion Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan – AZPROMO.
After exchanging expressions of welcome and courtesy, Mr. Yusif Abdullayev talked about the work of the fund and the goals it seeks to achieve through cooperation with their partners in foreign countries, explaining that the fund was established about 20 years ago and one of its most important functions is to encourage Azerbaijan's exports and present them in foreign markets and attract investments (especially foreign) in the economy of Azerbaijan.
He stressed that the institution he heads enjoys cooperative relations with its counterparts in various countries and has been able in recent years to develop its relations with the economic, trade and investment circles in the countries of the Middle East, where it sends export tasks that would encourage the main export products of Azerbaijan except for the non-oil sector abroad.
He referred to the desire of the Azerbaijani side to enhance cooperation with the concerned circles in the State of Kuwait. He suggested that the joint business council between Azerbaijan and Kuwait be established as a platform to encourage aspects of economic and commercial cooperation between the concerned circles in the two countries and to discuss prospects and future directions in these areas.
Speaking about the most urgent areas that may attract the interest of foreign investors in his country, he affirmed his happiness that Azerbaijan has launched a comprehensive plan of action under the name "The Great Return to Karabakh" and aims in this context to attract foreign investments to various (non-oil) sectors of the economy in the whole country.
Mr Ambassador spoke about the relations with Azerbaijan in the economic field, explaining that there is a joint governmental committee comprising a number of official authorities from both sides, including the competent authorities in the economic, commercial and investment fields.