15.12.2022 HE Mr Abdullah Mohamed Almowed Ambassador of Kuwait in Baku met chairperson of Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mrs Sahiba Gafarova.
The relations between our countries are elevated today, with their advance being promoted in their unique way by reciprocal visits and meetings of high status, according to Sahiba Gafarova. The same religion and the similar cultural values bring our nations yet closer together. The parliaments of Azerbaijan and Kuwait are bearing well on the advancement. Members of the supreme legislative bodies of the two states have sound relations between them, which is evident from both bilateral and multilateral co-operation. The interactions amongst the friendship groups and their members’ two-way trips, too, have contributed importantly to the overall progress of the bipartite relations, Mrs Gafarova continued. Co-operation between parliaments’ committees could have a positive impact on our relationship as well, she added.
There is also efficient co-operation between our legislatures in international parliamentary organizations including the Inter-Parliamentary Union and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization of Islamic Co-operation and, as essentially and successfully, also under the aegis of the Parliamentary Network of the Non-Aligned Movement established at the suggestion of the president of Azerbaijan. Kuwaiti parliamentarians were there at the Network’s constituent assembly in Madrid whilst the former speaker of the Kuwaiti parliament Marzouq Ali Al-Ghani was amongst those who were assembled in Baku for the first conference of the PN. Having said that, Mrs Gafarova told Mr Almowed about some current affairs and work of the Network, its increasing international recognition and the steps it is taking to broaden connexions with other inter-parliamentary entities.
Apart from that, Speaker has informed Mr Almowed in great detail about Azerbaijan’s victory in the 44-day Patriotic War of 2020. Mr Almowed also learned about the total destruction of the Azerbaijani villages and towns, as well as heritage and religious monuments, mosques and shrines. Mrs Gafarova went further to bring up Kuwait’s unwavering support for Azerbaijan’s territorial wholeness.
Speaker stressed that Azerbaijan began large-scale restoration of those lands and their provision with all amenities, services and utilities at her own expense.
Ambassador Abdullah Mohamed Abdullah Almowed said that he was glad to be at the Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan. The relations between our countries are on the rise; the two states take identical stances in international organizations, which in itself is a sign of the high standards set by our relations. The Kuwaiti diplomat referred to the work of the bilateral inter-state Co-operation Commission and the documents signed with regards to various fields, adding that expanding inter-parliamentary collaboration was as important to his country.
According to Mr Almowed, he travelled to various parts of Azerbaijan including Zanghilan and Gubadli. He eye-witnessed the havoc and destruction there. It is very good that Azerbaijan had started large-scale resurrection of those parts, the Kuwaiti diplomat added. He also mentioned his trip to Gandja that was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan for ambassadors and representatives of international organizations where he could see for himself the buildings decimated.
The conversation continued with the discussion of other matters of shared interest.