15.12.2022 HE Mr Abdullah Mohamed Almowed has participated in a briefing that was held for representatives of diplomatic corps regarding the latest situation in Lachin road with the participation of Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan Jeyhun Bayramov at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
During the briefing, the minister noted that the situation that led to the protests of representatives of Azerbaijani civil society and environmental activists on the Shusha-Lachin road in recent days has not yet been resolved.
It was brought to the attention that Azerbaijan does not restrict the movement of cars on the Lachin road and that the movement is regulated by the previous rules. It was noted that the protesting Azerbaijanis did not intend to obstruct traffic on the road, but, on the contrary, were ready to facilitate the movement of civilian transport, in particular ambulances.
Noting that the allegations that the current situation could lead to a humanitarian crisis are not true, the minister pointed out that the Azerbaijani side is always ready to meet the humanitarian needs of local Armenian residents. Jeyhun Bayramov also informed about the steps taken by the Azerbaijani side to develop a dialogue with local Armenian residents, in particular during the construction of an alternative road in Lachin and on the use of the Sarsang reservoir. During his speech, the minister, commenting on the misinformation about the alleged suspension of gas supplies by the Azerbaijani side to the areas of temporary deployment of Russian peacekeepers, informed that gas is supplied to these areas by Armenia and that these areas are not integrated into the gas supply system of our country. In addition, he indicated that the Azerbaijani side is ready for dialogue in the direction of contributing to the elimination of this problem.